Sitting on my ass, bored out of my mind sale.
Photo's & details at link and more coming asap.

BBC, drag racing parts

Intake manifolds, single dominator,
10.2" Edelbrock Victor, bought new, ported & gasket matched, $400
9.8" Dart, ported & gasket matched, small weld, $350

BBC oil pans, both set up for external pump 1 aluminum, 1 steel, easy to convert for dry sump

Oil Pump BBC New, still in box, Milodon #18760 HI volume & pressure $30.00 FIRM

Engine diaper BBC new, was installed & engine was ran several times, but never raced or driven.
Was left on car all winter, so there are stains inside, $100.00

BBC Pro Stock Heads & sheet metal intake, "Big Chief" type head, ~14.5* valve angle, Pontiac #427.
Made & used personally by Steve Schmidt. Massive trick & custom work.
includes, stands, valve covers & gaskets, brand new Manley custom Titanium valves
INT & EX, fresh Jessel rockers, still in bags, piston mold $6,000.00
These are badass heads, best heads made at the time. Big flow for your BBC
These do NOT fit Pontiac block, it is a Pro-Stock BBC, but they called them Pontiac for NHRA??

BBC 557" All New-Dart Big M with billet caps, new 4340 Crank, new Swap Cam, new Dry Sump pan, new Tunnel Ram, Water pump, new flex plate, fresh Brodix heads, with jessel shaft rockers, all new valves
"Engine complete & in car, can see running"
1st hit off the trailer, very very soft launch, 7.80 @ 173

Includes custom 5 stage dry sump, new NOS fogger (275-300 hit) flexplate to balancer, intake to pan. $17,500.00

Should be at US 41 a few more times this year, if you want parts, or to see the engine.
Otherwise my shop is near RT 66, and my email is on the link, top left.

Thanks guys.